List of Services.

Monthly Service.

This is the most popular amongst my clients. The service is guaranteed . If you have any problems in between scheduled services you may call and get me to come back to rectify any issues. We are going to treat for General Pests, including Ants, Crickets, Cockroaches, Spiders, Earwigs, Springtails, Silverfish, Beetles, and anything else I don’t like the look of ! ¬†Alot of my customers only require an outside service, and are very happy with the results. You may wish to consider this as an option, for your convenience.
I use all water based synthetic pyrethroid chemicals for spraying. These are low dose, and low odour mixtures , but are highly effective. I use them in conjunction with a variety of commercial baits, powders and granules, when required. When properly mixed and applied all of these products are safe. I have never had a client or their pet get sick from something I have applied.

Bi- Monthly Service.

I will treat for General Pests , but the service will be a little more “in depth”. The maintenance of your property will include more baits ( last longer ) and more attention given to harborage areas. This service typically takes 20 % longer to complete and so the price will reflect this.Once again this service is guaranteed. If you have a problem, give me a call.

One Time Service.

Powerspray or extra heavy baiting and spray depending on your preference. I have a few customers who swear by this approach and are content to do this maybe only a couple of times a year, For them it’s enough, and they never require additional service.


The Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report. Wow what a mouthful, but if you are selling your home, chances are ,you are going to need one of these, in order to get your mortgage lender to fund the loan. These are usually taken care of by a realtor or home inspector, but sometimes get overlooked. If you have an emergency I can help.Prices on these reports are very competitive! Realtors please note that I have a flexible schedule and am willing to do those emergency calls that crop up from time to time.


I have extensive experience in this field, and guarantee my work.

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